Broadway & Linden
I witnessed my first domestic abuse on the corner of Broadway & Linden while walking home from what was then Sipology, the local coffee shop.  Before hip and trendy coffee shops plunged their way into gentrified neighborhoods, this was the place to get your mediocre coffee while supporting the neighborhood and “living like the locals”.  Not to mention, I didn’t have to pay for internet because my place was just so damn close.  
Sipology has since changed ownership a couple…or few times and now, I couldn’t be more unsure what that cursed corner goes by these days.
Back to the domestic abuse;  I would be exaggerating if I said I witnessed it.  I’m totally exaggerating when I just said I witnessed it.  I would also be lying if I said this was the first domestic abuse I’ve “witness”.  Certainly not the last.  All that was left was a half naked woman weeping to desensitized cops from the curb as I walked by trying not to make eye contact.  
It was shocking then, but now…well now, it’s just a part of the background noise and you can never be too sure who’s hurting who. 
Sounds: couples arguing, dogs barking, loud bass from passing cars.  
3rd & Bonito
I never wanted to be home.  Never hung up any art, built any swedish furniture I knew I couldn’t disassemble in a day; never settled in because I simply did not want to be there.  I took my cheap rent and designated parking spot for granted until strangers started parking on my behalf.  This didn’t last long and since a lease was not a threat, I was out in heartbeat.  
Sounds: Security gates slamming, laundry cycling, neighbor’s alarm clock.  
3rd & Orizaba
Belmont Heights was a luxury, though all I really did was drink, make coffee, and got deep into collecting.  When I say “collecting”, I mean everything.  I would spend the next year trying to get rid of all those things.  “I want a minimalist lifestyle”, yet I couldn’t let everything go.  
I got a cat because I figured it would make me a better person.  I really wanted things to work out because I had been alone for so long, I could hear my thoughts so clearly, I knew I was losing my mind.  I suppose that was why I wrote and drank so much.  All that time alone with myself made me realize I really wouldn’t be my friend if I weren’t me. 
Sounds: Neighbors fucking (and I don’t mean couples “making love”). 
Cherry & Poinsettia 
“You’re three exits from Compton, but the drive to DTLA was less than 15 minutes away”.
My goal here was to save money, and that I did.  It was a very cute house full of even more charming knick-knacks.  I don’t have much to say besides the fact that this little house became a home that was just too far from work for me to handle.  I do miss it from time to time; I will never forget the fragrant coffee and cigarettes.
Sounds:  Bike locks being cut off with an electric saw.
8th & Rose
Certainly the poorest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in but I had never happier.  Always surrounded by neighbors who became friends, I was the most irresponsible during my stay here.

True inner city, though we were convinced this was a promising neighborhood.  I didn't stick around to observe the change.  
Sounds: Ice cream trucks, soul records from neighbor’s balcony, motorcycles, oh and the occasional rejected lover pleading over the phone for all of Long Beach to witness.  No shame. 
6th & Alamitos
At 25, I knew exactly what I could and couldn’t live without.  I wanted 2 things: a place to myself and lots of light.  I got both.
There are a lot of smells in this apartment building.  I didn’t sign up for this and didn’t realize until I had already signed my 1-year commitment.  
I fought hard to give my studio that familiar lavender undertone many visitors would then point out.    But as you leave my apartment you’ll soon be enveloped in the stench of stale weed; walking down the stairs will lead you to the unforgettable smell of Top Ramen, then out the door to the most noise polluted neighborhood in Long Beach.
Sounds:  all of the above.


Coffee with Company, Change for Strangers Pt.6

He is one of the richest people I have ever met.

He does not come from old money or new money--can't offer you a loan or cover the bill.  He does not have a handsome salary, does not have enough to entertain the idea of philanthropy, no lavish leisure or flamboyant attire.  Does not offer much power and influence.  Not pure and innocent or washed up, not old school or new school, not even much of what lies between.

He is, however, overflowing with sincere kindness, honesty and incredible reliability when his service is in need.  He takes these things seriously because he wants to be taken seriously but when taken too seriously; his anxiety pushes him to react in strange ways.  Heavy lies the crown, that kind of thing.

He occupies his time with plenty of hobbies and indulges in the (more than) occasional vice, yet has admirable self-control.

He does not wait to see if people will like him, does not question whether or not he will like someone.  He just goes about his shy, quiet self and will surprise you with his calculated witty humor.  He gets so quiet, you'd think he's mute.

His biggest fear is that one day, "it" will all be over and he'll have nothing to show for it.  Yet, he's still trying to figure out what this "it" really is and if it's worth fighting for.

He does from time to time get rattled up with crippling self doubt when the thought of being a burden on his friends and family comes to light.  You know the feeling; to be the person no one is rooting for.

He gave away his riches and still remained a rich man.  

And for him, everyone cried.


here I lay me down to sleep

I heard this song for the first time in years yesterday or the day before that and got all choked up but didn't understand why.  It wasn't until listening to it over a dozen times in one sitting that I realized I used to have this song on a playlist I listened to before bed a few years ago when I felt down.  Pavlov's dog mother fucker.


Much of what I know comes from others

My dad once told me over a cigarette in his backyard that its very important that I find someone with hobbies and interests; like a purpose that keeps them alive, that thing to look forward to that will detach them from the mundane nine-to-five.

This he told me while gazing at my mom through the screen door; my mom sprawled out on the couch, gossiping on the phone with my aunt in France or Vietnam or the Republic of…wherever.

This, coming from a man who suppressed my curiosity in “hobbies and interests” beyond the Holy Trinity; piano, ping-pong, mathematics.

I couldn’t register if he meant this to be ironic; he’s hard to read that way. In an effort to understand, I helped the conversation along by adding my bit of confusion. His tone was neither of regret; because I could not pinpoint a single hobby or interest my mom had; or of relief because she has this “separate life” from what I see on the daily. A life only he and my mom knew of; you know, one full of interests and hobbies that kept my dad so cripplingly enthralled.

I pictured this “separate life” where she doesn’t answer work calls during all hours of the day, a life where she doesn’t make the same meal every other night, not burdened by her children’s needs, or simply doing anything besides recapping the tedium of what I was certain her rehearsed daily agenda must have been to my aunt in France who must find it all very interesting.

I just couldn’t see it.

I gazed at her as my dad did through the screen door and tried my best to make a connection as she mouthed the words “clearance sale”.

In any case, my dad doesn’t offer much advice so when the moment comes, I’ll take what I can get.

“You never want to get bored”.

We all are, act accordingly.


Lip Ink: Product Review

So before I waste anyone's time, I'm going to have to start off by saying this "Review" is more of a "Product Rave".  I've never experienced anything like this before and I'm so confident in this product that I'm willing to throw away all my other lipsticks, stains, whatever.  

So lets start this "Review".

For those of you who don't know, I'm a HUGE fan of lip stains.  I recently made a Lip Stain collection video, which I would not have filmed had I already discovered Lip Ink (semi permanent lipstick).  I can't imagine going back to any other lip product because this stuff seriously does not come off!  

I can't think of a better way to explain, but I'm going to try my best.  It is like applying a nail varnish on your lips, which you let dry in between coats, and remove with a solution.  It doesn't crack, then flake off on me like some other lip stains (L'Oreal Infallible, I'm talking to you), and it doesn't fade off in patches like lip marker stains.  The application process is something I had to learn to get use to, but it's definitely worth it.

I can even wear Lip Ink in the shower and it still does not come off!  The color stays true for a good 24hrs!  The "Off" Solution works like a nail polish remover would at removing a manicure, but on your lips.  When I first started using this product, I kept it handy and used it with a cotton-swab to cleanup mistakes.  The 'Shine' Moisturizer works very well at keeping your lips moisturized so I like to keep a tube of this in my purse to moisturize throughout the day.

For those of you who are looking to start a kit, I definitely recommend sampling it first, before you make the investment.  But if you want to just jump into it, like I did (and I'm so glad I did), I would highly suggest getting the Sampler Kit (photographed below).  It'll provide you with everything you need to start your collection.

I even went and picked out two additional colors which I regularly use and got a sample of their Chocolate Mint Moisturizer (smells so good).  

Oh! And everything came in a handy tote.  I actually picked everything up from Lip Ink's brick and mortar in El Segundo (was only 20 minutes from Long Beach).  I wanted to test out everything myself and it wasn't too far a drive.  

All these shades can be applied in layers (like watercolors) to create a more opaque color (much like a nail polish).  Below are some swatches and the amount of layers in each swatch.  Hope this helps. 

Energy Red:  I was told that Dita Von Teese wears this one.  I mean, if Dita Von Teese loves it, I gotta try it!  Its a nice true red that does not budge.  This is huge for me because red lips are normally the most high-maintenance thing! 

Fuchsia:  I love plum-y shades so I had to pick this one up.  The blue undertone makes my teeth look whiter. 

Nude:  I picked this one up because there are days when I don't really want to wear a lip color, but my natural lip looks like death.  This is my new "my lips, but better" lip color.

Cherry:  I brought in my favorite NARS "Daredevil" and swatched it to find a match.  "Cherry" was the perfect replacement.  It's a deeper red with a blue undertone to make my teeth look whiter.


Shoes for Sale

I recently bought some new shoes and really don't have space.  Please provide a good home for these guys.  All recently cleaned and leather conditioned, slightly worn but in good used condition, if you have any further questions, please shoot me an email.

All inquires can be sent to me at:

Seychelles Lace-Up Boots
Brown Leather Lace-up (Side zip) Platform boot
Size 8, fits (7.5 to 8), worn here.
$80 (shipping included in the U.S.)

Vintage Booties
 Leather Lace-Up Boot
Size 38EU(fits 7 to7.5), worn in this Look-book!
$60 (shipping included in the U.S.)

Made in England Doc Marten 1461
Has a more narrow toe than Doc's made in China
Size UK4 (comfortably fits 6.5-7 with socks)
$80 (shipping included in the U.S.)

G.H. Bass Slipper
Black Suede Loafer 
Size 7.5 (fits true-to-size), recently reheeled 
$25 (shipping included in the U.S.)


Barton Perreira 'Dillinger' for Sale

Hello!  My good friend, Lauren Miranda is selling her Barton Perreira 'Dillinger' (Heroine Chic w/ green lenses) which originally retails $400,  for $250 (or best offer).  

If you're interested, please contact her at: ichheisselola@yahoo.com

For those of you who don't know Barton Perreira, you should know I adore this brand. 
Bill Barton + Patty Perreira 
(former President of Oliver Peoples before Luxottica)
CR-39 + Mineral Glass Lenses
Handmade in Japan
Trust me, these frames are spectacular!



Hi blogger

So...ASK me stuff!


ich heisse lola

I haven't been this excited about a blog in a very long time.  Perhaps its just because this is my friend, Lauren's blog.  Such an inspiration, she takes us through her apartment in her post "Abode".  I cannot wait to see more from this girl.  
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find me on tumblr

I apologize for not posting more regularly, but I've been spending a lot more time on tumblr because the app is much convenient.  Find me HERE.


stress of retail season


Veterans Day

I'm so sick and tired right now.  I just want some tomato soup and Netflix.

Everyday is Labor Day.


Playlist No.11: Busying Yourself Cleaning

1. Duke Ellington 'The Mooche'
2. George Shearing 'Lullaby of Birdland'
3. Django Reinhardt 'Sweet Georgia Brown'
4. Duke Ellington 'It Don't Mean a Thing'
5. The Jazztet 'Killer Joe'
6. Count Basie & Joe Williams 'Everyday I Have The Blues'
7. Duke Ellington 'Midriff'
8. Stan Kenton 'And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine'
9. Louis Armstrong 'Hello Dolly'
10. Billie Holiday 'A Fine Romance'
11. Carmen McRae 'Happy to Make Your Acquaintance'
12. Sarah Vaughan 'I Got Rhythm'
14. Duke Ellington 'Take The 'A' Train'
15. Nina Simone 'My Baby Just Cares For Me'
16. Ella Fitzgerald 'Mack The Knife'
17. Vince Guaraldi Trio 'Linus and Lucy'
18. Louis Jordan 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens'

Download it here before it's taken down.  Let me know what you think.

Always in My Car

I did a makeup bag post a couple weeks ago and realized these three items are missing because I only use them when I get in my car.  This gives my makeup enough time to settle and then I'm allowed to put the finishing touches that will help it stay all day without any touchups. 


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Fall Favorites: Hats

All of these hats are from my work, Arth.  Best part of the job is trying all of them on.
1. Override Wide Brim Mannish ($85) I have a similar black one that I've been wearing every year for about 3 years but I love this color (and the Royal Blue one too!)
2. Arth Wool Beret ($105) I'm a sucker for berets!  I've been loyal to my burgundy one for far too long, it's time for a change.  This one's lined so it won't give me hat hair (woohoo!)
3. 9*4 Mixed Cuff Hat ($32) I love a good sweater knit beanie.  This one's perfect because it won't overwhelm my monochromatic wardrobe, but it'll still stand out. 
4. Override Felt Stitch Hat ($55) I've been loving the "Naked Hat" look, with no ribbon and bow on the hat.  This one offers the perfect amount of embellishment, but still looks simple. 
5. Override Ox Hat ($78) I don't hike, but if I did, I would totally bring this one with me!  It's just so perfect, light, and foldable.  And all the colors this one comes in are to die for.



la dispute

I need more support.

I bought this lace bra a little over 3 years ago at a Topshop in London for less than 10 quid and never thought it would last me so long.  I remember when I initially bought it, I thought lace was made to fall apart after one wash in the washer so I have to always hand wash.  
Hand washing my garments seemed like such a hassle to me so I usually hand wash these things on the "hand wash" cycle in my washer.  What can I say, I'm lazy.  I later discovered garment bags made to wash delicates so I bought one for my bras and another for panties.  I definitely recommend investing in these not only to save your delicates but also to separate these things easily.  Nothings more embarrassing than that moment you realized you're walking around with a thong that static-clung to my right butt cheek.  I mean your right butt cheek, not mine.
In any case, back to my story.  I just realized that I need to go get measured for a decent bra because I'm tired of walking around with terrible posture, with awful support BUT I'm scared shitless because I've never been measured and I hear it's a very personal thing.  Anyone with me on this?  It's like that yearly visit to your gynecologist; you both don't want to be there and yet you spend the next 5-10min making small talk and avoiding eye contact.  


where's the romance?

me: Does dad ever buy you flowers?

mom: He did every Valentine's Day, not anymore.

me: Like what kind? Roses? Carnations?

mom: I don't remember, both?

[Never buy a girl carnations, always de-torn roses.]

mom: [shouts out to dad] Why don't you buy me flowers anymore?

dad: Its like when you go fishing; when you hook one in, you don't throw them a line every Valentine's Day.  Pointless.