cook, clean, pay the rent

And for the past decade of your adult life, trying to make sense of a community which has grown too quickly for you; you'll remove yourself but fall deeper and deeper in love.

This is misplaced.

You will constantly remind yourself that this is where you belong; forever but forever is not forever for you.  Time will indeed give you a great sense better sense of proportion.

You were happy until you weren't.  

A discomfort will linger into your long days and dark nights, spending time with yourself.  Toiling away, keeping busy with mundane tasks but never understanding what is the cause of this stale routine.  No sense of purpose, no privilege, no entitlement, nothing.

What is it and what does it count?

Well, they shared stories over stiff drinks and cigarettes with another heaping dose of stories over stiff drinks and cigarettes...a communal language which you lacked.  And when they spoke, they spoke on your behalf.

So you'll leave; and you will not come again...but don't you forget; there will always be another war.



seattle 2015


Garlicky Kale and Fried Egg on Toast

My old roommate, Lauren Miranda, used to make this for me all the time.  It's such a simple, quick, yet filling meal.  You've got to try it for yourselves!

Start with toast: you can butter it if you please, but I like to add a little bit of butter to the kale and to fry the egg so that's enough for me.  

Sautéed Kale: I start with Olive oil on a low to medium heat, add slices of garlic (I love garlic so I prefer huge chunks), then add kale, salt and pepper.  Let the salt wilt the kale and toss until you reach your desired tenderness.  I like my kale to have a little bite ;-) Oh! and if you add Sriracha to the kale...you'll find out dreams really do come true!

Then you just add your fried egg on top.  Honestly, not my best fried egg but I love the crispy edges :-)  Totally bursted the yolk while plating -____-

cousin vinny


What's In My Makeup Bag | November 2014

Lips: Blistex 'Medicated Lip Ointment', NYX 'Soft Matte Lip Cream' in Monte Carlo, MUA 'Lip Stain' in Wine, and Lime Crime 'Velvetine Matte Lipstick' in Red Velvet.

Face: bareMinerals 'Original Foundation' in Golden Medium, bareMinerals 'Warmth', and bareMinerals 'Mineral Veil'.

Eyes & Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Dipbrow Pomade' in Dark Brown, Maybelline 'Line Stiletto' in Blackest Black, Benefit 'Watt's Up', and Benefit 'They're Real!'.

Brushes & Tools: Shu Uemura 'Eyelash Curler', e.l.f 'Angled Blush Brush', Sephora 'Eyebrow Brush', Sigma 'F80-Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki', Sigma 'P82-Precision Round', Sigma 'E55-Eye Shading', Goody 'Spin Pins', Tweezerman Tweezers.

Other: SKR Argan Oil, NewFrog blue hair clip, hair tie, teasing comb.


Tiny Kitchen Tour

My favorite room; although tiny, I still spend most of my time here.  Kitchen things are just so fun to collect and I never feel guilty because they all serve a purpose.  I've got a mix of hand-me-downs, thrifted items, Christmas and birthday gifts, yard sale gems, and things from free99 boxes outside random apartments.  

Deviled Eggs | My Way

Ain't a chance you goddamn assholes gettin' me to make the same 'ol mothafuckin' deviled eggs again.  I hate that nasty ass shit.  Imma do things my way fo' once.  Listen up, bitches n' hoes.

Fuck mayo.  

Here wut I be usin':
6 minute eggs (soft boiled)
Salt (or Lemon Pepper Salt if I'm feeling zesty)
Pepper (Peugeot or die)
Mustard (whole grain)
Paprika (I mean, sometimes I use Cayenne)
Dill Weed (instead of relish)
Cheese (I'm using this artificial Swiss cheese I grew up on; nostalgia beats taste)
Basil (or any herbs you like, I don't give a fuck.  I just happened to have this around)

The secret to the perfect soft boiled egg (my opinion of the perfect soft boiled egg) is to let the egg sit out at room temp for at least 30 minutes.  I like to wait an hour.  Then I slowly submerge into a simmering bath and time it for exactly 6 minutes.  Make yo'selves a fuckin cocktail, assholes.

Then I shock them mothafuckas in an ice cold bath.  Word.

Then patiently add all them embellishments.  Dash of salt, pepper, dill weed, paprika.  Little dollop of mustard and a piece of that cheese to add a touch of rich, creamy smoothness. 

Roll the basil up in a tight blunt and chiffonade into thin slices.  Garish with delight.

Them mothafuckas done.


*my take on ThugKitchen.


Things I carry with me

I bought this envelope clutch about 3 months ago and have been using it everyday!  It's exactly what I'm looking for; fits my cards and ID, my phone, and a couple makeup products.  So happy with the purchase, just had to share what I keep in it.  

My phone - I've been carrying around the iPhone 4 for so so very long, this 6 is a huge improvement for me.  
My sunglasses - well, in all honesty I don't carry this IN my purse at all times (sometimes on my t-shirt or on my head).  I've been wearing the Moscot 'Lemtosh' sunglasses for years and years.  Is it time for a change?
MUA Lip Stain in Red - this is amazing as a cheek stain as well as a lip stain!
Maybelline 'Instant Age Rewind' (medium) - I've been wear very little makeup lately; most days I even skip foundation!  This stuff works wonders on spots without being too heavy or cake-y.
Ear Buds - I just carry around the pair that came with my phone but that little cord wrap that keeps it from becoming a tangled mess works wonders!  I bought it from a bookstore in NY but you can also get it here.

DIY Instant Noodles

 I loving packing lunch to work because it gives me something to look forward to mid-day.  This is great because I can make 3 at once and feast throughout the week.  Just add hot water!

It's so simple, this is what I put in my DIY Instant Noodles:
Soba Noodles - I just cook these noodles for about 3 minutes, drain, then rinse.  They're nice and hardy.
Dried Seaweed - This adds such a great texture!
Frozen corn - Adds a bit of sweetness
Onion Mix - I love red onion for the flavor and green onion for the punch!
(a little) Wasabi - It's like a kick in the face!
6 Minute Egg - As soon as I get my groceries, I let half of the dozen sit out for about an hour before submerging them into a simmering bath for exactly 6 minutes.  As soon as the 6 minutes are done, I shock them with cold water and save them in my fridge for random meals throughout the week.  They're amazing for everything and anything.
Mushrooms - ugh you can't see them in these photos but I have some delicious lily mushrooms tucked behind the egg!

[add hot water]

Then I had a bit of:
Ponzu - its basically a lemony soy sauce, adds a bit of saltiness.
Sesame Oil - Just a little bit because it really does pack a punch.
Definitely try this out and let me know what you think!  What do you like to add to your noodles?